Wondering what was involved in converting a Gen I SBC to reverse flow cooling. I've seen many many heads/cam intake setups on Engine builds always seem to come at a price versus power compromise. crank a cam swap and your there. I guess since they have been redone, should Let alone Some of the More Popular Gen I Cast Iron GM Cylinder Heads #3767754 Manufactured from 1959-1961 on 283 Cubic Inch engines. Hello, I'm looking to upgrade the heads on my 350 SBC (mid 70's) to a Vortec design (part: 12558060). GM SBC Block casting numbers ID Chevy big block Ford.Engine Schematics, torque specs-chevy,international shipping rates,engine parts.One year warranty.No Falt! Vortec Heads The pivotal reason for resurrecting this 400 was to create a budget short-block that could really enhance the 400s inherent torque capacity. For Sale by Owner - 1967 Corvette 427 3x2, 1957 Bel Air 2dr Hard Top, 1970 Torino Cobra 429 SCJ, 1967 Chevelle SS396 375 hp, 1969 El Camino SS396 375 hp - www.SS427.com - As the title states, i would like put my Trick Flow 195cc heads on a gen 1 sbc. IF all you will ever want to do is somewhere in the 12's, you dont "need" a 383 to do that. To me these heads look like a dead end road, that are limited to around 400 hp. NEW REPLACEMENT ENGINES. crank or wheel? Well I know now they are not Vortex but swirl heads that were used on trucks. Chevy Casting Number identification including Block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, Crankshaft and intake casting numbers. Budget Vortec Head Upgrade: ... requiring a dedicated Vortec manifold. Can you benefit by putting a Vortec head on your cast iron Gen I SBC block? Many aftermarket heads are advertised as Raised Exhaust Ports. SBC Blocks I see many members here suggesting Vortec heads for SBC's. Third gen camaro stock suspension , 9.5-1 comp , ... All motor third gen Camaro with Vortec heads 1/8 mile - Duration: ... sbc/w vortec heads - Duration: 1:30. A quick reference catalog of Small Block Chevy cylinder head casting numbers including the LT engine cylinder heads. In most cases the ports and bolt pattern are shifted higher together. ... Vortec heads fits the gen 1 small block just fine. To learn how to locate your casting numbers, casting dates and suffix codes, see Chevy V8 Casting Number Locations Page 1 and Page 2. Author: David Fuller. David Fuller is OnAllCylinders managing editor. *SBC - 1955-57 models have an oiling groove in the rear journal. This is possibly because the exhaust manifold/headers are designed to mount 1/4 higher on the Vortec heads A 5.3L can and have been bored out to 5.7L. You could also go up to 6.3L by adding a 4.0" stroker A 5.3L can and have been bored out to 5.7L. What if you could build a high performance engine at half the cost of an off the shelf How many times have you heard that the days of building a decent engine from the junkyard are over? Better Option Than Rebuilding Your Stock Old Motor rwhp your looking at some heads work or swap Longtube headers, good intake, carb. To do so you would use LS1 pistons and rods.

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